defeat the overwhelming with a plan

When the task list and calendar are busy and life begins to feel overwhelming it’s very tempting to curl up and sleep. Every day I work to find balance between little acorn creations, PennyWise Consulting, and my obligations at home. How do I keep from being overwhelmed? Planning.

This October is even more challenging than most. Not only have I set deadlines with my technology clients, it’s Spinzilla, the NY State Sheep Sheep And Wool Festival, and the Jewish New Year begins! I have a few designs I want to release, they aren’t ready quite yet, but they’re close. In addition I want to maintain my weekly blogging schedule and the monthly newsletter (it will be distributed the last Thursday of the month, please make sure you sign up).

What’s my general plan for planning?

Each morning I have a date with my cup of tea/coffee and my notebooks. This is a sacrosanct habit, as much for the hot caffeinated drink as for the act of planning. The process of writing the task list is important for my brain.


Yes, there are many project management and task list websites and apps. They have their uses, however, my notebooks are an extension of my brain. I trust my notebooks. I do not trust my brain to remember things, it has lots to do every day. When I have complete trust in my notebooks, I am not easily overwhelmed. I have complete trust in my current notebook configuration.

How will I defeat October’s attempt to overwhelm?

While I often mix up my planning routine to keep it fresh, I’ll stick to basics throughout the month. Each work morning will begin with a planning session, and I’ll make sure my desk remains tidy so my notebook can be open and referred to throughout the day. I’ll assign daily tasks with a close eye to my time blocks.


What do you do when work feels overwhelming?

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