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They say time goes faster as you get older … and flies when you’re having fun so that must explain why I blinked and find that it’s mid-March and I’m once again writing about current projects.

Now that I know where my projects are, how are they? There’s been some rearranging of the bags and because the projects currently look like unattractive blobs of yarn, I thought instead I’d share details of a few of the bags and their projects.

There hasn’t been much visible progress because I focused on finishing the 18 sample swatches (a mix of knit and crochet) for Happy Fuzzy Yarn. I mailed them off on Monday and I’m refreshing the tracking page hoping they’ll be delivered when the USPS says they will be.


wasabi-yssWhat’s in the wasabi yarn stuff sack now? Earlier today I made some progress on my Fresh Air Market Tote, I used up the yarn remaining on one of my cones and wound off a chunk from my other cone. Now that there aren’t two big cones to manage, it fits nicely in this bag! However, this project will be a challenge to photograph… right now it looks like a black blob of yarn!

I’ve also been working on two Bust my $tash projects.

circlestotebagIn my favourite embroidered tote bag (not my favourite doodle) is my Transverse Cardigan by Ann Weaver. It’s a double winner as I’m using up extra yarn from my mum’s birthday vest from five years ago and I’m knitting a design from a 2010 issue of Interweave Knits that’s been on my to-knit list for a long time. I’ve lengthened the body and am knitting a hybrid size. I also provisionally cast on for the first sleeve, I hope to lengthen them to be full length, but I’m not completely trusting my different-gauge-yardage calculations. At least both sleeves will end up the same length! I’m on the back now, hopefully after publishing this post, I’ll have time to knit on it tonight.

I also joined Jill’s Esperance Cowl Knit Along on Ravelry. I’m using some yarn that’s eventually for a design. I have quite a bit of it and I like the idea of a practical swatch. I’m not a huge fan of the colourway I have, so I might attempt to overdye this. It’s in this brand new project bag I received on Monday a complete surprise from Andi Smith!

Speaking of Andi, I haven’t worked much on my Salt Hill for the Knit Along on Ravelry. I hope to get back into it later this week. I think the robot bag doodle is my absolute favourite of the bunch though my new sheep bag is a close second!

What are you working on?

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