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February always zooms by and this particular month seems even shorter. Despite record chills, I’m trying to keep positive that it means warmer temperatures will return soon!

How do my current projects compare to their progress from a few short weeks ago?

After reviewing the project bags, I moved on to the stash and I’m almost finished updating my Ravelry database. I made the mistake on Monday of trying to review the final three bins at once, it was overwhelming and I’ll be double-checking them again soon. I decided to donate some of the yarn to my favourite local thrift store, a few skeins were sold, a couple were gifted to friends, and the rest are being asked to make a plan for why they should stay. Buddy has helped.

In all things Happy Fuzzy, my KAL socks now have heels and are slowly making their way to the cuffs. Will I finish within the next 8 days? It could happen. The beautiful Local Wool Project fibre is a dream to spin. Unfortunately I’ve been dreaming about it more than I’ve been actually spinning it. This was my bobbin on Tuesday evening. It’s not changed since then. I’m behind on the swatch project and am catching up, I mixed up the deadline so I have a bit of extra time to finish.

I’m also participating in the Salt Hill KAL on Ravelry. Andi Smith, is providing lots of tutorials for making two-colour cable knitting easy and fun, come join us! I am absolutely dreaming of spring and green and the local farmer’s market. Lindsey Stephens has a great quick Fresh Air Market Tote to crochet. My stash review showed me that I didn’t have enough worsted weight cotton to work this up, so I’m holding some two strands of Valley 3/2 cotton for a city-smart bag in black.

My cats are theoretically field testing a new cat toy design but seem instead to prefer playing with my thick warm and wooly spinning slippers. I hadn’t added catnip to this one, but I think I need to get them to leave my slippers alone and play with the toys I’ve made them.

What are you working on?

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