crocheting with cats

The other day Dot provided me a helpful lesson. She’s no longer a kitten, but that doesn’t mean I can leave my tools where I drop them. Even if I’m in the middle of working on a project or swatch and need only a moment.

Earlier this week, I dropped a ball of yarn into the carry-all tote bag I keep nearby at almost all times. Sitting to type up some notes, my belief was that I’d return to swatching the yarn in a few minutes.

While I worked at the keyboard, Dot came into the studio, jumped onto my desk, and began demanding attention (and more treats). That morning she’d nudged my hand while I was shaking treats out and had a pile — an entire day’s worth — by 9am. So while giving her some chin scritches, I asked her to wait two minutes while I finished typing and then we’d play.

To my surprise, she hopped down and I didn’t think more about it. I was delighted that a cat might actually listen to me! It sounded as if she’d found something to do, there are toys strewn everywhere so I kept typing. Only as she started to move to the door did I realize what she was playing with.

pale pink yarn in two tangles on a carpet. the yarn passes over the back wheels of a desk chair and approaches a cat door where the remaining ball is dropped. there is not cat visible. the image is slightly blurry..
Of course the photo is blurry, I was laughing hard!

The yarn I’d dropped into the tote. Without any project bag to keep it safe. I laughed as I wound it up and then went in search of her for some play and attention.

Later that afternoon she stole another ball of yarn out of a project bag I had open right next to me while crocheting a sample. Cheeky cat!

She can be well behaved.

Tuxedo cat curled up in arms of person wearing grey hoodie. On person's lap is a crochet blanket. The cat has her hind paw in the person's cupped hand.

But it seems to mostly be when she’s asleep.

3 Rules for Crocheting with Cats

These rules apply to cats and kittens. Kittens tend to be faster. Cats tend to be sneakier. You can also peruse my tip for knitting with kittens.

1. Put your tools away.

Keep stitch markers, darning needles, and scissors in secure locations.

2. Be mindful of where your current materials are.

A wobbling ball or cake can be very tempting, as can an open project bag. Yarn tickling an ear can result in a strand of yarn being chewed.

3. Celebrate positive behavior.

If you are looking for a toy to crochet, I recommend my quick to work up toy, Tail End. It only needs about 10-12 yards of a worsted weight yarn.

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