Choosing a size – introductory resources for knitting

Choosing the right size before we even factor in our knitting gauge can help lead to a successful project. But there are many factors at play when we choose a size. If you purchase the wrong size from a store, it’s often possible to return it. If you make gauge but knit the wrong size, things aren’t as easy to rectify. What is sizing? How do we get there? How can we make some adjustments before we start knitting? What if we finished and it still doesn’t fit?

Many have written on this vast topic and I haven’t yet found a new or unique way to add to their voices. Therefore, I’ve gathered a few of my favourite reference links together. I’ve not created an exhaustive list, I’ll leave that to your favourite search engine. The following links are those that have either been bookmarked for years or recently caught my eye for one reason or another.

While these links are specifically for knitting, I’m hopeful a range of readers will find the links resourceful.

What is sizing?
How to measure?
What is ease?
How to make size adjustments?
Finished knit: right gauge yet wrong size, now what?

Do you have a favourite helpful resource on this topic? Please let me know!

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