How I choose my travel projects

While there’s always a small project in my bag, the projects that travel are chosen with different criteria. It’s always tempting to try to bring everything with me, the question “what if I want to work x, y, z” is a tempting siren song. Over the years I’ve discovered what travels best with me and I learned to leave the rest at home.

Type and Duration

First I consider the length of my travel, not only for days away but the method of journey. Am I on a long direct flight or will I need to stop and sprint through an airport or train station to make my connection? Is there any possibility of not always having complete access to my bag?

If the project cannot fit in a small yarn stuff sack (or similar size), unless it’s a car trip from my house, it can’t come.

Am I sitting in one spot, such as a long haul flight? Unless I need to rush to my next mode of transit, then I will likely choose a larger and slightly more complex project. A fingering-weight lace shawl is often a good choice. As a bonus, it can help keep me warm on a cold airplane! If I have lots of stops along the way, I’ve found that small modular projects are better travel companions.


Work trips have a different rhythm than that rare vacation journey.

I allow myself to choose two to three small projects that will help me when my brain wants something different.

Into my travel bag go projects from the many crafts I enjoy. I try to choose a range of projects, from a mindless knitting or crochet project to something different such as weaving or spinning.

What works for me?

By and large I do prefer to travel with small or modular projects. Miriam’s footie socks are a favourite, especially during the summer as they give me a clean pair of socks I don’t have to pack beforehand!

I also like to make cat toys. I often give them away while I’m traveling.

Cowls are also great as I like to work them in the round. If I finish one while on the road I have an easy accessory to liven up my travel wardrobe.

What project(s) do you like to travel with?

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