celebrate a #yearofmaking

“Be very very quiet!” is not the advice one should take when promoting one’s business. I find it incredibly difficult to self-promote, if something (anything) else comes up …

While I’ve been very very quiet here, I’ve been working hard!

My spring-time goal is to try to write something quick here once a week and maybe even publish a newsletter again (sign up with the form in the sidebar).

What’s been going on?

Primarily I’m working with several new clients for the various services I offer beyond design work. I have a few openings for new clients beginning in May (which, snow to the contrary, will be here soon). If you’re interested, please let me know! I’m still designing, but the process is a slow one for me and I hope the growth of spring will bring the inspiration I need for several designs’ final touches.

It is much easier for me to share and promote my friends’ amazing designs. Much of that conversation occurs on twitter, so please join me. If you’re interested in a wider range of chatter, my personal twitter account may interest you.

Which leads further into social media… and a project I began in January.

That project is:


The talented Miriam Felton began this project last year as a way to help her through difficult days. I loved the idea of this low-key project: to photograph something–anything–she was making, or made, or was planning to make. I found that moment of mindfulness very inspiring. In January I joined the daily posts and now 84 days into the year I’m inspired in ways I never expected. I was also surprised to discover that the action of posting that photo to instagram helped build momentum and that I’ve been powering through more projects than I thought possible. (That’s not a new observation, project momentum has been long discussed and there are many different thoughts on it (here’s one)).

I wrote in more detail about this project on my personal blog, Penguin Girl, in January and again last week. Will you join in?

year of making

I’ll end with a test knit I recently finished for author and designer Larissa Brown, her Shift Shawl. With her permission, after I finished testing, I varied slightly from her instructions (I really like the number 9) and have become oddly fond of this very colourful shawl.

Shift Shawl by Larissa Brown, testknit by PSG

There’s much more to come!

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