some brief thoughts on making

PSG at age 2.5 helping her father sand and refinish her new bed.

I grew up in a family of makers. I don’t really think about many of the things I make … I cook. I bake. I knit. I build. I do.

I find I often struggle with the #yearofmaking project precisely because making is just a part of me.

Yesterday on my personal blog, Penguin Girl, I wrote about the first version of a simple laptop stand I built.

I was surprised at the interest my friends expressed on this project. I’ve been hoping to find time to work more in wood and when I do you’ll find something in the shop. Both how to build them, and ready-made items. At the moment I plan to focus on small accessories for your home, such as a foot stool, a monitor stand, and well, I need to go through the house and inventory what I’ve made for me, so I can determine what I can make for you.

What type of items are you interested in? What skills would you like to learn?

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  1. Weaving. I’d love to learn to weave. (Of course, it would be easier if I’d just put my Cricket together and start…)


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