Book Review: Sequence Knitting

How does one review a book that profoundly changes how one thinks? It’s a challenge to find a balance of the right words, ones that go beyond “read this title” or sound like a love letter. Sequence Knitting is remarkable in its simplicity and focus on laying out all that is possible with knits and purls. Each time I reread it I’m in awe of the dedication and brilliance found within its pages.

What makes Sequence Knitting unique? I believe it is Campochiaro’s dedication to a systematic exploration of what is possible with the most fundamental stitches of knitting and her proving how slight variations on the theme can produce a whole new masterwork. It is an approach that doesn’t require or expect the reader to adore maths, but it’s there for those who want to dive in further and geek out.

Within the 387 pages comprising of six chapters and a delightful appendix are clear charts, crisp photos, and useful explanations. The reader follows a logical sequence of skill building throughout the text. After learning the fundamentals and their basic variations, covered in the first two chapters, the reader can skip to their sections of interest. Chapter 3 introduces the serpentine method, and the many possibilities of this stitch pattern sequence are explored. Knitters who prefer to work in the round will enjoy chapter 4 the most. In chapter 5, shaping is examined. Here, Campochiaro shows the influence that adding or removing stitches can have on the sequences explored so far. The last chapter looks into the effect that fiber, drape, color, and their contrasts can have on the fabric. This chapter lays the groundwork for her next extraordinary title Making Marls which will be explored soon.

Sequence Knitting is a book that makes this reader want to curl up to reread again and spend days swatching new ideas and combinations.

book cover for Sequence Knitting. White with text in dark brown capital across top. Includes author name above and sub title below. Remaining 2/3 shows example sequence knits in an off white shade.

Sequence Knitting: Simple Methods for Creating Complex Reversible Fabrics
by Cecelia Campochiaro
March 2015 | Chroma Opaci | 387 Pages | Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-0986338106

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Perhaps you are reading this and frustrated because you are one who prefers a hook over two sticks for working with your string. In a future post, I will share how I use this book as inspiration for crochet as well.

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