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Occasionally I gather links of interest together into one post instead of only sharing on social media. Here are a few that recently caught my attention.

new blogger & booksalert

Did you know Meg Swansen blogs? She doesn’t post frequently, but have you seen all the new goodies at Schoolhouse Press? Estonian Knitting 1, Traditions & Techniques looks amazing.

sizing and fit demystified

Jill Wolcott writes eloquently about fit, sizing, and how that relates to knitting. She began with a look into industry standards; that led into how yarn choices, substitutions, and fabric influence fit. She’s now started to explore and explain how to adjust sizing. Want more? She has a Craftsy class on combining the humble knit and purl stitch in elegant ways.

new podcast

Craft Is Dead, Long Live Craft. I struggle with the need to ask you to buy my patterns or hire my services. I’m fascinated by this new podcast. I’m behind on my listening, but the first episode caught my attention!

new advice column

Lindsey Stephens began a new feature on her blog, Ask Lindsey. In a recent post, she answers the question of blocking afghan squares. Unsure about seaming? You’re in luck! Lindsey teaches a Craftsy class too! Hers looks into the essentials of seaming crochet.

new knitty

Have you checked out the latest Knitty? Did you do so from a tablet? Did you notice how awesome it is? Thanks to patreon support, Amy was able to make Knitty better. Liz Gipson discusses weaving linen. Miriam Felton explores cluster crochet stitches. And Lorilee Beltman explains how to use Judy’s Magic Cast on as a tubular cast on, it’s my favourite way to do a tubular cast on!

new home

Fridays with Franklin has a new home at the Makers’ Mercantile.

more links

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  1. Meg Swansen blogs?! So many goodies here, Penny. How am I supposed to get my work done?


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