a few thoughts on colour

Like many knitters and crocheters, I gravitate toward different types of projects throughout the year. When it’s cold, I want a big squishy wool blanket to work on. In the summer I like working with light linen and lace. One thing I’ve noticed over the past few years is that my colour preferences also change with the seasons.

Merino & Yak blend

Merino & Yak blend

In spring, I want to urge on all the tentative spring growth and look for the hints of greens. I like when they are flecked with hints of colour. This merino/yak fiber from the now shuttered Happy Fuzzy Yarn is one of my favourites (this was colourway hydrangea).


In summer when there’s a riot of brights, this is when I turn toward muted colours for accent. My crocheted shawl, VLSI in Lorna’s Laces showcase this. The sample is shown in colourways Aslan and Owen.

Hello Yarn Shetland Top

Autumn has me searching for the deep and vibrant colours that I see reflected in the trees that surround me.

However, winter is different for me. When the wind gusts bitter cold and the skies are grey that I wander to a wide range of colour at once.

Do you find yourself choosing certain colours and yarns this way?

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