My 3 step method to evaluating a new tool

What better way to test ergonomic knitting needles than during a super stressful period in your life?

Days before my world turned upside down for a few months, Stacey Trock (the Creative and Marketing Director of Louet North America) sent me not one but FOUR different knitting needles to review (the FTC wants you to know).

I was sent two of my favourite sizes (2mm and 3.75mm) and the two different cables firm and soft to test out of the Kollage Knitting Needles to review. This isn’t yet a full and detailed write up, but I do have some first impressions and the guidelines I use when evaluating new tools such as knitting needles.

First I’ll detour and explain that I don’t often like to talk specific tools. What I love best, other knitters may find uncomfortable. Both manufacturing methods and my budget can change causing a needle I loved for years to no longer be my favourite.

Through the process of hand knitting, we have a close and personal relationship with our tools and our bodies. When we find the right synergy of knitter, yarn, needle, and pattern that’s when the magic happens.

My three steps to evaluating needles:

  1. Make it comparable. I chose the two needles sizes and cable lengths I most commonly use in my knitting. While my preference is super soft cables, I wanted to know what the firm cable was like, so I asked if possible for one to try, I was surprised to see four needles show up at my doorstep.
  2. I take notes. Does that surprise you? I record what were they like when I first took them out of the package and made notes as to how or what changed (or nothing at all) after an hour of use and a day and week. 

  3. I give them time. Unless they do something drastic, I try to give any new needles a chance even if I think I didn’t like them in the first two seconds of use.

Many thanks to Louet for unexpectedly providing me the needles to get through the past few months and to do so without stressing about this tool. My first impressions of these needles is that they were immediately comfortable. Occasionally I’d notice that I was working with them (generally as I was putting away my projects) and would make quick notes on how much I enjoyed the feel of the needle in my hands and especially how fluid the soft cable is. I think that’s a high compliment that I just quickly started using them and didn’t notice because they worked well for me.

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