Motif Crochet — Hexagon

Tuxedo Cat (named Dot) shown with a hexagon motif resting on her paw. She is staring at the camera.
  • Craft: Crochet
  • Yarn/fiber: unknown fingering weight
  • Tool: 3.75mm
  • Technique/Stitch: Crochet motif
  • Size:
  • Preblock gauge:
  • Blocked gauge:
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Notes about the yarn:

The yarn wasn’t important to this swatch. I am building a library of common motifs and my written instructions for them. I find that a tight twist helps these motifs to pop … and hold up to a cat who decides it is her swatch now.

Notes about the swatch:

I don’t think this will ever get blocked. Dot cat has stolen it off my desk and run it throughout the house. She brought it back to show me she could be a good girl, then ran off with it again. It’s probably dunked in a water bowl by now. Maybe she’s blocking it for me.