Ben Weatherstaff’s Friend i-cord feet tutorial

This tutorial is to help you work the i-cord feet for Ben Weatherstaff’s Friend.

The long tails from the start and end are used to affix the feet to the robin’s body, do not cut them after performing this step. Wait until they are sewn to the body.

Images are linked to open at full size in a new tab.

begin, close i-cord (steps 1-5)

After working i-cord to length specified in pattern, break yarn and pull end through i-cord sts tightly to close the end of the tube.

create body attachment (steps 6-9)

Work the needle threaded with the tail through the center of the end of the tube and exit halfway through the length of the i-cord tube.

repeat (steps 6-9) for other end

Work same for other end, exiting at same point as before.


You should now have the two yarn ends at the middle, forming the robin’s feet. Do not trim these ends, they are used to affix the feet to the robin’s body.

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