Wool Cat Toys, set of 3, assorted colors


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This set of three wool cat toys in assorted colors is based on my crochet pattern, Tail End.

The toys will keep your cat moving and entertained for hours. The shape provides hours of fun for a paw to swat and is easy to carry around the house. The braided tail provides added amusement. Interactive play with your cat is very important. My felines often like to play catch with me.

They range in size and including the tail are approximately 3-5 inches (7.5-12.75 cm) in total length. Please allow for variation in size due to wool yarn chosen.

I work with a variety of 100% non-superwash wools. There may be some vegetable matter worked into the piece. If your cat likes to dunk it in their water bowl like mine do, it will felt over time.

If you are purchasing a back-ordered item, please allow an additional 1-2 weeks for shipment.

Kits coming soon!

Each are crocheted by me in my cat-friendly studio. My resident felines have not been allowed to play with any product available for purchase. A percentage of proceeds from the sale of these toys will be donated to Humane Society of Westchester at New Rochelle, in memory of Shadow and Buddy. ♥