local yarn store day, 2020

Tomorrow, 12 September 2020, is Local Yarn Store Day. I hope you’ll find a way to support participating stores and businesses. This day was designed to celebrate and support local yarn stores, think of it as a yarn crawl of sorts. This year, like most everything, things are different. Please check out each shop to learn how you can shop safely.

Ways to support small & local businesses including your LYS

LYS Day logo
  1. Shop! If they have an online shop, try there before you go to a large discount retailer. If you feel comfortable wear a mask & visit the store in person, or call and place an order for curbside pickup.
  2. Don’t forget the designers, teachers, and smaller producers who may not be widely available in a traditional store. Many of them have relied on in-person events (shows & festivals) and are working hard to reach customers. If you can please take an online class; buy a pattern or yarn; or support them through a system such as patreon.
  3. Follow & show them love on social media. Please don’t be upset if you don’t receive an immediate response, they may be wearing extra hats these days. Also, not everyone uses every social media channel. Some may have left a platform for a variety of reasons. Think of it as a scavenger hunt! There’s several different hashtags being used, have some fun!

I’m trying to do less of all social media and have refocused my efforts on this site. You may occasionally find me on twitter, and supporting others through likes & comments on Instagram.

My small effort — a new crochet pattern!

Back in February, I designed a one skein crochet project, Blue Gems Capelet, to highlight Artyarns’ gorgeous exclusive hand painted color for LYS Day, Denim Blues.

Blue Gems Capelet
Blue Gems Capelet, detail (back view)
Blue Gems Capelet, pinned

Ok, it’s technically a scarf as it’s a somewhat narrow rectangle. I designed it in February when I was tired of wearing winter layers. We originally thought LYS Day would be in April, when temperatures were warming. So, I found different ways to style it and discovered I prefer to wear it pinned at the front. With the diamond border edging that is worked as you go, this makes it feel like a capelet, at least to me.

The design is currently exclusive to those who purchase the yarn from a participating store. Due to complex technical reasons (that are supposed to simplify matters), the design is currently priced at $36 and if you purchase the yarn from an Artyarns retailer, the pattern is free through the magic of a coupon code to redeem at Ravelry or my site.

The current pattern price is an incentive for you to purchase the exclusive yarn. The price will change later this year if you want to wait. If you choose to pay this price now, thank you. I will not offer reimbursement but will use that to support a small business or LYS!

I hope you’ll help support small & local businesses during this challenging time!

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