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A few weeks ago, I enjoyed an email exchange with Jillian Moreno. I’ve known “of” Jillian since the early days of Knitty. We followed each other through Instagram a while ago and connected over my morning coffee/tea photos. Without further ado, let’s get to our chat.

little acorn:
You have been a part of this industry for a long time, but many may know you as KnittySpin. What do you see as your raison d’être?
Making people happy with fiber. Whether it’s spinning, knitting, embroidery, weaving or something I haven’t started learning about yet, I am rapturous about fiber and textiles. I read history, go to museums, art shows, dabble and dig-in it’s all interesting to me.

I want people to be happy making things with fiber, so I write and teach and help other people write and teach. I point, practice and preach about how great it is and that it should be fun. I’m a big proponent of fun with fiber. There shouldn’t be absolutes, not just one way to do anything.
photo of jillian moreno's fiber & knitting

little acorn:
Your book absolutely helped me overcome my perfectionist issues with my spinning and simultaneously become more consistent.

You frequently teach at workshops and classes all over. What do you wish students in your class would (or wouldn’t) do?

Jillian Moreno Spun fiberRelax! It’s harder to learn something new or a different way of going about things when you’re an adult. I think we have the idea of perfection and time constraints breathing down our necks. We don’t play enough or stumble enough in our fiber work.

I want my students to experiment, to make yarn they aren’t happy with in my classes at first, so I can teach them how to make the yarn they want.

little acorn:
I struggle with perfectionism, I like your approach!

What do you do when not designing/ad wrangling/spinning?

I hang out with my family, walk in the woods and read. I read a lot.
little acorn:
That sounds ideal to me!

What drives your creative process? What part of it do you enjoy? What isn’t so fun?

I am a process person; I’m terrible at tying up all of the ends. I love the digging in and tearing apart of a project, the round and round until I have it figured out. Then I’m happy to be done, even if I’m not finished. I like researching and making connection between things. I ask a lot of questions. I am never happier as when I am cramming information, words, visuals, conversations, textures into my brain. When I worked at Interweave my favorite job was new product development.

I think editors of all sorts, anyone who is excellent and loves tracking detail are gods. I enjoy paying people to do the parts where I have zero skill or joy.

little acorn:
We are very similar you and I. We need to figure out how to get together for coffee/tea one day.

Ok, the fifth question: Kitten or Puppy snuggles

Both! I love them equally. I have no pets right now but am first in line to care for all of my neighbor’s four-legged babies.
little acorn:
Thank you Jillian!

Learn more:

Yarnitecture by Jillian MorenoYou can find Jillian at jillianmoreno.com.

Check out where’s Jillian’s teaching for your chance to take a class with her.

Her book, Yarnitecture, is available at a bookstore near you.

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